Public relation 

Concept and definition of public relation

Growth and development of public relation in India

Scope of public relation.


Public relations
concept and definition

In today’s business and non business operations P.R has assumed a significant role the public become aware and asset you at the end of the seventies of the last century but they now seek to demand more communication from firms, department of the state and NGOs about their objective operations and motives P.R established and maintained mutually beneficial relationship between a firm  and the public upon whom  its success or failure separately depend.

P.R is simply stated art of science of building relationship between organisation and its key audience for the public. The concept of public relation is in emerging nations especially in mass communication discipline.It is basically  a management function P.R tries to build an image of an organisation and its public it should be based on truth knowledge and information.

Definitions of public relation

1.The professional maintenance of favourable public image by a company or other organisation or a famous person.

2.Companies  justify the cost in term of improve” public relation”.

  1. Public relation is communicating your organisations message at the right time in the right place to the right audience with the proliferation of tools and technologies-“Marla Aron”
  2. Public relation is a planned process to influence public opinion through sound on mutually satisfactory two-way communication.


5.The profession or practice of creating and maintaining Goodwill of an organisation various public( customer,employee, investor, suppliers.) Usually through publicity and other non-paid forms of communication these efforts may also include support of art charitable causes, education sporting events and other civic engagement.

Growth and development of public relation in India

Economic bloom in India in the last few decades so the birth of numerous businesses which were introduced for the first time in India. Many Western countries MNCs set up their bases in India in need to spread their name in Indian market hence they  those  P.R to reach to Indian public.

Economic reforms boosted up that economy or also filled the growth of P.R industries

The PR industry is growing due to the accelerating need of brand positioning and brand repositioning  by companies.

The PR makes the best use of brand building tools agencies increase the media visibility of companies and help them target audiences.

Emergence of new media digital media 

There have been fresh new challenges of P.R.

  • Lack of skilled information
  • reduced and less understanding in awareness about P.R.
  • Difference and perception people regarding what P.R does.

History of P.R (public relation) in India.

    • It was in the 1990 that p.r. Industry originated in India .The initial year were not easy for the PR industry as there were no thought leaders and experts in this field.
    • Come the growth period the 2005 where burson marsteller bought genres and a public company invested in hammer and partners.
        • In 2002 companies like blue lotus communication emerged whose focus was on specific areas like healthcare, technology ,brands and finance. The end of the decade with the arrival of ninety communication which showed up as the specialist in consumer communication apart from blue chip company scores of boutique PR agencies and also came up

Growth of P.R in India.

The growth of PR in India has been outstanding till date in fact even now public relation is were growing rapidly due to the oscillating need of brand positioning and repositioning by companies ,beside the tremendous growth that the industry is undergoing it also focus some challenges like talk of killed professional produced awareness about PR and also difference in perception of people regarding what does PR firm do .the industry is thinking at a fast rate and save of the growth from getting  students and professionals need to understanding the PR industry and whole both theoretical and practical terms.

Scope of public relation

Public relation is a window of a corporation through which management  can monitor external changes and Simultaneously a Windows through which society can affect cooperative policy.

The scope of P.R is wide and also includes political field ,entrepreneurship ,teachers political leaders, social workers ,religious leaders,are all involved in public relations day in and day out.

In business public relations a tool of management like marketing production and finance is investing and  creating assets to an organisation which is finally reflected in improved performance profitability and growth of organisation.

Successfully  P.R  can be measured by its ability to convert negative situation into positive one.



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