Advertising has become an integral part of in today’s marketing scenario in earlier times advertisement was not given as much emphasis as it is being given today .advertising can we do with use of tools of communication newspaper, internet ,magazine, radio and many more .it is a paid form of communication,  through multiple medium and it generate revenue for a company and make brand image and brand value of organizations.

Definition of advertising. 

“Advertising is thus a public announcement with a purpose not so much to inform as to persuade the public to buy a product, goods and services.”

Definitions of advertising by author’s 

  1. Advertising is any paid form of nonpersonal presentation and promotion of goods and services and ideas by an identified sponsor. “Philip kotler”
  2. According to Wheeler, advertising is any paid form of nonpersonal presentation and promotion of ideas, goods and services for the purpose of inducing people to buy.

3.According to American marketing association.

” Any paid form of non- personal presentation and promotion of goods and services by an identified sponsor the medium used are print, broadcast ,and direct”.

4.Advertising consists of all activities involving in presenting to a group or non-personal oral or visuals, openly sponsored identified messages regarding a products services or Idea the message called an advertisement is disseminated through one or more media and it is paid for by the identified sponsor.”-William j stanton”

Origin and history of advertising. 

Origin of advertising as a public announcement is traceable to the town crier and the village drummer. These are used to their lungs’ power to shout out their own or others’ messages. The message could relate to government proclamations or even to sales of goods on market day.then there were signs and shops or drinking houses to indicate the name of the shop owner or the shop.

The highly urbanized cities MohenjoDaro and Harappa must have employed some form of advertising to sell the many types of art and craft items that this ancient civilization was famous for.

Excavations in Pompeii and other ancient cities have also thrown up evidence of some form of advertising. Now included words in the premodern period says one advertisement in Latin found in Pompeii, a copper pot has been taken from the shop. Whoever brings it back will receive 65 cesterces.if anyone shall hand over the thief he will receive any additional reward.

Further excavations suggest that notice of theatre performance, games ,entertainment and other public events were painted on the wall of the busy centres of the city.

Modern advertising 

Modern advertising was made possible by the invention of printing and the subsequent attempt to print notices, posters and bills in large numbers. However it was the industrial revolution in Europe combined with a large scale of urbanization and mass production of goods and the growth of the publishing business that brought about the expansion of competitive advertising.

The first modern advertising agency started openating around (1875). When N.W ayer offered to produce advertisements and also to contract for space in the press.

History of Indian advertising. 

The history of Indian advertising perilous the history of development of Indian press the first newspaper started by James hickey in January 1780 was called the Bengal gadget on the Calcutta general advertiser. It’s very first issue carried a few advertisements which were mostly informative.

To advertise meant merely to inform until the end of the eighteenth century and the earlier newspaper and periodical announcement birth ,death ,arrivals of ships from England ,sales of household ,furniture etc. journals like the Bengal journals first publishing (1785) even offer to Print government advertisement free.The front page of several search journals carried only advertisement 

19th and 20th century advertising .

By the down of 19th century revealed a definite change in the direction of hard selling new product and services established themselves on the market through advertisements columns of newspaper and periodicals

 Advertising in the early 20th century .

    •  Two events were responsible for the growth of Indian advertising agencies in the early 20 century the first was the Swadeshi movement which give an impetus to indigenous industries the second was the installation of the first rotary linotype machine by the statesman of Calcutta.

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